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Brand New Offering

For all of my people, around the globe that want to connect with me, but can’t find the time or resources to connect at my office space in Haiku. I’ll now be offerring personal healing with me via Skype, Facetime, or by other means. These are scheduled for 30 minute sessions at $55.00 dollars, and will assist you in navigating your physical, emotional, or mental challenges that may arise on your journey.

This has come about as a recent shift in my gifts has allowed me to connect to people on intutive level much higher than has been previously available in the past. The last couple of months, there has been explosion of medical intuitive gifts flowing through my life and into the lives of my loved ones. This manifested in surprising ways over the phone talking with people, and spontaneously knowing deeply intimate things about their body, state of health, emotions, and thoughts.

I invite you to explore this route if you are in anway challenged in finding time to work with me. I am deeply honored to serve and help you on this journey!

Click here to schedule a remote healing session with Dr. Martin