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In 2006 a study took 3,000 people through the care we provide at our office at the University of California, and the following is a list of benefits these people experienced. Which benefits are the most important to you:


  • Reduced pain
  • Improved spinal flexibility
  • More energy less fatigue
  • Fewer colds and flu symptoms
  • Fewer headaches

Emotional and Psychological Well Being

  • Less distress about physical pain
  • More positive feelings about self
  • Decreased moodiness
  • Improved temper
  • Fewer angry outbursts
  • Less depression and more interest in life
  • Fewer concerns about “small” things
  • Improved ability to think and concentrate
  • Less anxiety

Overall Quality of Life

  • Improvement of personal life self-awareness
  • Increased ability to adapt to changes
  • Better handling of problems in life
  • Improvement in accomplishments in life
  • Increased contentment with life
  • Better relationship with significant other
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improvement in getting work done


  • Less stressed about work
  • A greater ability to cope with daily problems
  • Less stressed in family relationships
  • Improvement of overall health and general well-being

Life Enjoyment

  • More openness to guidance by inner feelings
  • Increased relaxation and well-being
  • Positive feelings about self interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • More feeling of openness when relating to others
  • More compassion for others